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Twinz! is a game based on the traditional "Memory" style of play, in which you uncover pairs of objects. In Twinz! you do so by opening doors to reveal a picture. If the pictures match, the doors remain open and play continues, if they do not match the doors close. Remembering the images behind the doors is the key to scoring and moving to the next level.

Compared to many traditional memory games, Twinz! is different in that it includes features such as timed play, 10 distinct levels, 3 difficulty settings, and allows you to share your scores with other players around the world. The game is suited for kids and adults alike, but please don't blame us if your kids score better than you!

Twinz! is currently available in Google Play, Apple App Store for iOS, and is now available in the Amazon App store for supported Android Mobile & Tablet devices including Amazon's Kindle Fire. If you like our games, please leave us feedback on the market pages!

You will find a free version of the game supported by adverts, and a Pro version with all adverts & delays removed. Please select your preferred device market from one of the links below:

[Available for iPad/iPod/iPhone From Apple]
Available On Android Market!
Available On Amazon App Store!

Download the Android APK Manually - You can download/install this APK on any compatible Android device, if you cannot install it from the above store links. This is the same APK as the App Stores, but can be distributed freely anywhere on any website or compilation.